Welcome to Kramer Sausage Company! Hours: Monday through Fri: 8-12,1-5 Saturday: 8-12

We are a quality meat processing business located in Northeast Iowa, Specializing in Retail and Wholesale sausages and smoked meats since 1964.

Attention Deer Hunters! 2020 Season

No changes to pricing this year - same as last year!
And, yes, we are taking in deer, but only during business hours this year. We prefer that you bring it in trimmings or quartered.
Please call the store before bringing in a whole deer - we can only take in as many whole deer as we can safely process (we’ve had 2 of our experienced staff retire since last year, so we don’t have the manpower to process so many whole ones).

Please call before you bring in your deer.
Our number is 319-342-2693

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Smoked, Fully Cooked Turkeys & Hams.....

Ready to eat or re-heat!

Visit out Frequently Asked Questions Page to find out how best to heat your Smoked, Fully-Cooked Turkeys, Turkey Breasts, Turkey Drumsticks, Whole Chickens, Rock Cornish Game Hens & Smoked Hams

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Upcoming Events Featuring Kramer Sausage Products

Smoked Turkeys, Smoked Turkey Breasts, Smoked Turkey Drumsticks, Whole Smoked Hams (Boneless and Bone-In) - we've got them, you can bring in your own frozen turkey to be processed, or buy one of ours! You may need to call and reserve a turkey or ham, to be sure you get one!

8-12, 1-5 Monday through Friday
8-11 Saturday

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