Welcome to Kramer Sausage Company!

We are a quality meat processing business located in Northeast Iowa, Specializing in Retail and Wholesale sausages and smoked meats since 1964.

Custom Processing All Year 'Round!

Also, we cure, smoke and fully cook turkeys that you bring in, fish and other fowl as well!

Hams, Bacon - you bring it, we process it!

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It's Grilling and Sandwich season!

All of our products are fully cooked, including our Famous Bratwurst (regular, with jalapeno cheese, and with cheddar cheese).

We also have Polish Sausage (smoked, with garlic seasoning) Smoked Sausage (with a sage seasoning)

We have a variety of smoked meats for slicing - Smoked Ham, Smoked Beef, Smoked Pork Loin, Turkey Pastrami, Smoked Turkey Breast - take your pick or mix and match!

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Upcoming Events Featuring Kramer Sausage Products

Yes, we have our famous Smoked Turkey Drumsticks on hand for sale! They are one of the featured items annually at the Iowa State Fair at the State Fair Turkey Grill.

We also have Whole Smoked Turkeys, and Smoked Turkey Breasts, and whole Smoked Chickens on hand as well!

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